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Hey There, Whats Up. Hey There, Whats Up.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This was very spontaneously brought to my attention while I was looking through this week's past flash submissions. The title suggests a very casual tone along with a simplistic yet intriguing array of moral and meaning. Due to my incredible interest in what this movie could contain, I am now here.

The first thing I noticed was the animated preloader you placed in the beginning. It showed me an interest in taking over Newgrounds and calling it your own. This spoke to me. A message of power vibrated from the screen which told me that you knew who you were dealing with. As if you could grasp the community of Newgrounds in one hand, and change their ideology in a way which showed them you were in charge. A message saying that you were the boss. An obvious attempt at intimidating your audience into a cold submission of attention. A bold tactic to say the least.

Following the view of the eccentric preloader, I was introduced to a odd sight. I saw what seems to be an African American sumo wrestler surrounded by corporate logos. At first I was quick to judge this as a poor attempt at humor, however I am never one to overlook brilliance. When I see something has a deeper meaning, I am unnaturally quick to notice it.

What I saw was a demonstration of rebellion against the conditions and effects of fast food. A stand was taken against the consequences this type of business which has caused many health problems to people around the globe. The motif gesture, "Hey there, whats up.", signifies a casual statement made by an everyday person. Thus representing how the common man who is effected by these grieving measures of sale. The man under the text is shown as an overweight, obviously disgruntled individual who is not satisfied with his own character. One can conclude his figure was tarnished by the effects of the products surrounding him. They surround him in a way which suggests he can find no way out of the pit he has dug himself into. As if the influence of fast food has left him swirling in a pit of everlasting dissatisfaction.

I must say that this piece really spoke to me in a way which changed my feelings about fast food entirely. That consuming such garbage would render me half the person I would otherwise be. It really makes you think about what you are putting into your own body and if you could really afford to do so. The only thing I have left to say is that I have nothing but admiration for your cause. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Hopefully this world will one day b cleansed of such debauchery.

Graphics - 10
Audio - 10
Text - 10
Interactivity - 10
Entertainment - 10
Vote score: 5/5
Overall: 10/10

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kanamomashouse responds:


a fucking white screen a fucking white screen

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Unlike anything I've really seen before. I may be obliged to say that this is the best flash ever conceived. There is so much too it that I cannot possibly summarize it in this small review box, especially with only a few thousand characters remaining. However, I shall try my best to exasperate as least as possible on your marvelous flash epic.

For one, the file size. It tells me that there is a lot of work put into these movies, since it is the first thing I look at. But the file size on this movie surprised me. It seems to be much too small for the overwhelming amount of meaning it contains. However this inspired me greatly. It taught me that you do not need a large file size filled with fancy drawings and artwork to make an excellent and memorable flash movie, or any type of media for that matter. It says to me that so little can mean so much, a moral we all need to learn.

Upon clicking the Watch This Movie link, I was already able to begin my adventure. No time needed to stall for intricate story or dialogue, it was all there from the start. What I saw was more than just "a white screen". I saw a light in the darkness, a bright light. One that shines from the heavens down to the work driven world below. A light with no imperfection or doubt. A true bright white. It was the most overwhelming experience of my entire life, to say the least. I could not take my eyes off its amazing intensity, it was too pure. I could not move out of my chair, it was too incredible. I could go on and on about how much I appreciated how simplistic this movie is, but I shalt not. For my grieves and mourns are relinquished by the bright light. I owe my life to it. The life which I have been carrying for 20 years. All my troubles muttered away, and I was free. Free from the chains of darkness holding me back for the longest of times. My creativity and originality was brought back to me. I was able to think clearly again. I was able to live. All to this wonderful piece of art you simply suggest as being a "white screen". I cannot begin to explain how amazing a feeling it is to be in the position of pure ecstasy from the whitest light ever to be created. This light, however, was not just created. Nothing could create such a light, it was impossible. From that moment on, I knew I was looking into the face of God. The almighty purity and consolable welfare could only be brought by such a being of epic proportions. I know how it feels to love again, and its all thanks to you.

From what I have witnessed, this is the true meaning of life. The only meaning of life. The one thing nobody will ever be able to truly comprehend. My soul has been cleaned, my head has been cleared, and my life has been lifted by the wings of light. The brightest light. So bright it cannot be seen by any living being in this earth. We are dedicated to filling ourselves with this light, but we are not open enough. We must open ourselves to feel this bright light. We must do what has to be done. It is our only priority as people in this world. We are the ultimate saviors of ourselves. We are the truth.

I'm sorry for going on so long. I must have put you through a whole lot of reading. However, no reading is too great. No summary is too large. Nothing is too long to describe the impact this flash movie has had on me. I thank you good sir. If I wasn't so doubtful, I would say that you were Jesus himself. You may be a greater force, time shall tell. But for now, we must settle for the fact that you are as human as we are. Human in form, mind, and heart. I may have my doubts, but I can safely say that no human could ever conceive such a beautiful piece of heaven into a small flash movie. You are the most talented and gifted individual I have ever seen. God bless you.

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Top Cat Top Cat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wowee Kazowee!

This sure is the longest, most action packed thriller I have ever seen!

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